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A Perfect Blend

This week’s post is dedicated to a Danny Macaskill Inspired Bicycles Video. What’s most obvious about the video is Danny’s ridiculous talent. The blend of traditional trail riding and improvisational freestyle techniques, make Danny a very unique athlete. Possessing a seamless ability to flow from balancing on four inches pipes to nose picking off five-foot drop-offs is quite impressive. What’s so creative to me about this video is not only is the riding talent phenomenal but filming techniques and quality is on point. In addition coupled with the track Funeral, from the group Band of Horses, this video instantly tapped into an emotional connection for me.  The first thing that came to mind when the video began was the mood the song Funeral sets, dark and expressive. Then the opening shot comes into focus, a vivid sunset with the backdrop of some European city. What continues as a beautiful balance between visuals and audio is only enhanced by Danny’s bicycle mastery.

New York Surf Film Festival Wrap up

NYC Show’s Surfer’s Love

The summer for most people is highly anticipated here on the east coast, with brutal winters and mediocre spring and fall weather, summer comes as big relief. But for the surfing community nothing could be further from the truth. Flat spells that can last for weeks and to make matters even worse, every weekend warrior is out crowding up the line up on those seldom day of waves. September on the other hand, provides a shinning light at the end of the tunnel. Our hurricane season is in full effect, sending pumping surf and chocolate barrels our way.  Taking into considering the world-class waves we do get when swell comes our way, due to our inconsistency, the east coast surf culture rarely gets the recognition we deserve. Just keep in mind that the 9x world champ, Kelly Slater is from Florida so how’s that for homegrown talent. Something happened two years ago that has set the wheels in motion and began changing the philosophy of east coast surf culture. For the most part it’s all due to the one event that takes place the last weekend in September. This event, which has been aptly titled, “the Sundance of surf film festival,” is the New York Surf Film Festival, held at the renowned Tribeca Cinemas. What initially strikes me about this film festival is the title it self, somewhat of an oxy-moron within surf ideology. A surf film festival in New York City does not really fit the typical picture that one images when thinking about a surf scene. On the contrary, the surf scene here is as dedicated and thriving as anywhere else. The only difference is instead of palm trees we have skyscrapers. It is exactly this visual contradiction that makes the New York Surf Film Festival so special. During the festivals christening year, films were sought after, but a lot has changed from one year to the next at the NYSFF. Now filmmaker’s worldwide are submitting by the hundreds. The common thread at New York Surf Film Festival is, all the filmmakers’s are independent artist’s portraying their personal perspective of surfing and surf culture. The surf industry at large has unfortunately overlooked the potential here in NYC, which in turn motivated the local surf culture to start there own movement.  The attitude is nothing but love; there is a real sense of comrodery. Everyone involved supports one another, kind of like a neighborhood gang, all having each other’s back. This year was especially significant. By generating so much buzz from the success of the first year, the big dogs in the industry came out in masses. True to the essence of the film festival’s philosophy, the focus remained on the filmmaker’s; who were the real celebrates anyway.  I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to document the festival’s events and put a little wrap up video together so everyone can see for themselves how truly inspiring the New York Surf Film Festival is.

Day One

Welcome to the Expression Session, a blog dedicated to passion, inspiration, education and awareness with a focus on creativity and individuality.  To give you a bit of history on about me, I grew up as an “action sports junkie” but to be honest I hate using that term. I find it to be very cheesy but for lack of a better phrase it will do for now.  On another note, my passions have molded who I am today, shaped the way I in-vision the world and have encouraged me to follow my dreams.  Some of these addictions are skateboarding, snowboarding and the closest to my heart, surfing just to name a few. Unfortunately I never grew up on the mountains or at the beach, so my aspiration of becoming a professional never materialized in that sense, but on the other hand has led me to starting my own production company with my brother that specializes in action sport cinematography. Our goal is to capture the beauty of the body in motion through these creative sports.  Because art has always been an intricate part of my life, I guess it was a natural evolution for me to fall into cinematography. Blogging on the flip side was something I never thought I’d do.  I was never comfortable writing so I hope this isn’t to torturous. Anyway I look forward to sharing what inspires me with like-minded individual and vice versa hopefully developing a platform for collective creativity.