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Day One

Welcome to the Expression Session, a blog dedicated to passion, inspiration, education and awareness with a focus on creativity and individuality.  To give you a bit of history on about me, I grew up as an “action sports junkie” but to be honest I hate using that term. I find it to be very cheesy but for lack of a better phrase it will do for now.  On another note, my passions have molded who I am today, shaped the way I in-vision the world and have encouraged me to follow my dreams.  Some of these addictions are skateboarding, snowboarding and the closest to my heart, surfing just to name a few. Unfortunately I never grew up on the mountains or at the beach, so my aspiration of becoming a professional never materialized in that sense, but on the other hand has led me to starting my own production company with my brother that specializes in action sport cinematography. Our goal is to capture the beauty of the body in motion through these creative sports.  Because art has always been an intricate part of my life, I guess it was a natural evolution for me to fall into cinematography. Blogging on the flip side was something I never thought I’d do.  I was never comfortable writing so I hope this isn’t to torturous. Anyway I look forward to sharing what inspires me with like-minded individual and vice versa hopefully developing a platform for collective creativity.