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Monday’s Music Pick

Artist- RJD2
Song- Work

Artist- RJD2
Song- 1972

Night Sessions

We all have sat on the beach at night watching perfect waves just fire away while we mind surf the hell outta of it, well JOB, Bruce and Ian take it one step further.

Sharing the Stoke

Sharing the Stoke is Joe Hodnicki’s blog that focuses on everything art & surf. Please do yourself the favor and keep an eye out for big thing to come from Joe’s company Okoto and his well respected artwork.

For your Eye’s Only

Music Pick!

Song- Heartbeaker


I came across this video that was posted on a friends facebook wall. Not expecting much, I was completely blown away by the end of it. This story truly makes you think about how you live your own life and the relationship we have with friends family and loved ones.

God went Surfing with the Devil

God Went Surfing With The Devil – A Documentary Film About Life in Israel and Gaza

Of Course

So I guess this is just my luck! After a horrible winter, I was handed a light at the end of the tunnel. asked me to come down to mex to film one of thier amazing emerging icons, DJ Chopps! This kid absolutely kills it, not to mention he’s one of the most down to earth people. So my flight was booked for the forth and as my departures neared so did a decent little swell! Of course the same day I leave how ironic. Anyway the trip def made up for it cause Im really hurtin right now. I feel like the past 5 day of not sleeping and going buck wild are catching up to me. Hope all your guys scored some decent ones!

Here are a couple shot I snagged from!

Photo: Mike Incitti

Surfer: Luke Ditella
Photo: Ryan Struck


Only if!