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A Perfect Blend

This week’s post is dedicated to a Danny Macaskill Inspired Bicycles Video. What’s most obvious about the video is Danny’s ridiculous talent. The blend of traditional trail riding and improvisational freestyle techniques, make Danny a very unique athlete. Possessing a seamless ability to flow from balancing on four inches pipes to nose picking off five-foot drop-offs is quite impressive. What’s so creative to me about this video is not only is the riding talent phenomenal but filming techniques and quality is on point. In addition coupled with the track Funeral, from the group Band of Horses, this video instantly tapped into an emotional connection for me.  The first thing that came to mind when the video began was the mood the song Funeral sets, dark and expressive. Then the opening shot comes into focus, a vivid sunset with the backdrop of some European city. What continues as a beautiful balance between visuals and audio is only enhanced by Danny’s bicycle mastery.