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Scoring Costa Rica

Shot by- Carmen Vicari

Of Course

So I guess this is just my luck! After a horrible winter, I was handed a light at the end of the tunnel. asked me to come down to mex to film one of thier amazing emerging icons, DJ Chopps! This kid absolutely kills it, not to mention he’s one of the most down to earth people. So my flight was booked for the forth and as my departures neared so did a decent little swell! Of course the same day I leave how ironic. Anyway the trip def made up for it cause Im really hurtin right now. I feel like the past 5 day of not sleeping and going buck wild are catching up to me. Hope all your guys scored some decent ones!

Here are a couple shot I snagged from!

Photo: Mike Incitti

Surfer: Luke Ditella
Photo: Ryan Struck

That’s Right

Surfer- Chico Koch
Photog- ESM- Ryan Struck

Surfer- Mike Gleason
Photog-ESM- Ryan Struck

Surfer Brian Pollak
Photog- Ryan Struck

photo’s courtesy of ESM