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Water & Oil

Riley is the talent behind the film SPECTRUM, Riley’s first feature film that was released late 2009. Since then Riley has moved from Strength to strength dropping bomb after bomb, with one of his best being THE COLLAB. His latest is looking even better and we’re fully frothin’ to see it. Check it!

God went Surfing with the Devil

God Went Surfing With The Devil – A Documentary Film About Life in Israel and Gaza

Cancer to Capricorn: The Path of the Modern Gypsy

New Reef film “Cancer to Capricorn” featuring the worlds most progressive surfer’s. Shot and directed by Russell Brownley

Way Of The Ocean

Starring: Asher Pacey, Kelly Slater, Cj Hobgood, Ry Craike,
Dane Reynolds, Josh Kerr and more

This documentary of epic proportions will be released as a five part
movie series beginning with WAY OF THE OCEAN: Australia in late 2010