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Lil Somethin In the Water

For more coverage of our last round of swell, check out the photos from the boys @ Northeast Sessions

Talyor’s Interview W/ Drift Mag

Interview: Joe Conway

When it comes to influential surf filmmakers, everyone gets in line behind Taylor Steele. In less than a week, he’ll premiere his latest film Castles in the Sky, an extension of his “journey over destination” Sipping Jetstreams series, at Tribeca Cinemas in New York.

Drift managed to catch up with Taylor in the midst of the buzz and insanity that precedes any film premiere in the city that never sleeps.

Drift: You’ve bucked tradition with The Drifter and now Castles in the Sky by holding the US/world premieres in New York—any particular reasons why?

Taylor Steele: For the Drifter premiere, we had the chance to be a part of the New York surf film festival which is a great event. I love New York for it’s energy and inspiration and it felt like a natural location for the premiere of Castles. The locations in the movie have a strong identity and culture, so what could be a better fit than NY.

What does progression mean to you today? You’re known for pushing the threshold in terms of the surfing you document, the locations, your filmmaking process—even down to the music you use. Do all those aspects always move in sync naturally?

Thank you for the compliment. Progression to me is just pushing the limits and boundaries of what we have done before: where we travel to, technology, the surfing. Trying something new and different is always progression. Learning from our mistakes, learning from other cultures. No, they don’t sync up naturally, it definitely takes some blood, sweat and tears from all involved. The surfers also put in a lot of work on my projects and they are always pushing the threshold.

It seems like The Drifter, the Sipping series and now Castles in the Sky are based on a thematic progression, too, almost like a challenge to surfers or the surfing community as a whole. Is it a conscious effort to get people to question the way they travel or live?

Travel has shaped and influenced me as a person. There is a lot to learn from other cultures. Our biggest world problems stem from being too self-centered–living in our little fish bowl. I am like most and am still trying to learn to think about the big picture on a daily basis. Yet the more people I meet it helps me think about the effects of my choices. I hope from my movies inspire people to travel and learn so that they can bring it back. It’s not a challenge but hopefully it inspires people visually to out there and experience as much as they can.

What do you say to the detractors who say that’s a ploy or a gimmick?

My main inspiration for these movies is my two daughters. I want them to watch these movies and feel excited about the world and not intimidated or in fear.

Were there particular experiences from the making of Sipping that inspired you guys to go even further with Castles?

Sipping truly changed my life. It inspired a move of my family to Indonesia and to continue to travel with two kids in tow. It made me really want to learn and experience new places. On most trips we would have these moments that felt so foreign and removed from home that it felt like we were seeing the world with new eyes. That was the goal moving forward. So we thought about that when we chose locations. Each had to feel like nowhere else we have been. We are inspired to bring that out in film.

Do you just score everywhere you go, every time you go? Exactly how challenging have the “off the radar” spots been to document—both in terms of waves and general hardships?

It’s hard to score in some locations as roads don’t follow the coast and it requires a lot of driving, exploring and dead ends. It gets tough when you’re searching for waves and the swell is up. You can almost hear the clock ticking.

Any hard-earned travel secrets you can share with Drift readers?

If you smile then people will smile back 99 times out of a 100. Most people are just like us and are as curious about us and our culture as we are about theirs. Oh yes, and make sure you have the proper paperwork to shoot in Morocco before you end up at the airport.

To wrap things up, how’s coming along? You’re blazing new trails with a crowd sourced video—do you think the experience will end up influencing your own filmmaking at all?

On an immediate level its already inspiring new relationships in terms of surfers to work with and filmers to collaborate with on future projects. I have seen some cool new styles and it’s just starting. I’m excited to work with the final 20 on their parts and I’m sure I’ll be able to learn as much from them as they can from my experiences. I can’t wait till year 5.

Thanks Taylor—

Matt Meola

I cant even mind surf this good!!!!

Behind The Lens w/ Tom Servais

In this video interview with Tom Servais, he talks about his discovery of surf photography and we catch a glimpse of his home and life. Tom has been shooting for over 20 years and has captured some of the pinnacle moments of the sport in that time. He is featured in Volume 5 of our Masters of Surf Photography books with introductory text for the book done by by Steve Pezman.



New Discovery

Show Some Love For A Local Hero

It’s that time of year to support a great Cause and freeze your ass off doing it! The 3rd Annual Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Freeze for a Cause is going down on Saturday, February 6th. The contest will be at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ starting at 10:00 am sharp and will run until 3:00 pm. Slots are going to be very limited this year. There will be 3 divisions for the Freeze this year Open Shortboard, Open Longboard, and Open Womens. It’s highly recommended that you sign up early to reserve a slot for this event so you don’t get left out in the cold! The entry fee/donation is $20.

After the contest come out and join us for a raging after party at the Crab’s Claw in Lavallette, NJ hosted by the Hammer Family starting at 6:00 pm. There will be great raffle/auction prizes and drink specials. There is a $10 donation to get you into the party of the winter. If you want to go big a $20 donation includes a official DRCF Freeze for a Cause Tshirt! We hope to see everyone there and thank you for your continued support of the DRCF.

Volcom Pipeline Pro

Remeber Ida?

NORTH TO IDA is the first episode for ALEKPARKER.COM in 2010. Taking place back in November of 2009, The last tropical system of the year had me surfing at home in Florida before jumping on a plane the same day to chase the swell north to New York which was forecasted to host the biggest swell and best conditions of the storm.